There is a possibility of high mite populations in colonies this year due to an unusually long bee season.
Ramesh Sagili, who leads the OSU research effort, believes there is no single “smoking gun” cause of CCD. (Capital Press)
"These are challenging times for beekeeping and we have reason to be alarmed," said Ramesh Sagili, an entomologist with Oregon State University's College of Agricultural Sciences. (KTVZ)
On Monday, the Oregon Task Force on Pollinator Health, created in response to last summer's bee die-offs, held its first organizational meeting. (Oregonian)
Ideally, only 10 percent of colonies would die off during a given winter, said Ramesh Sagili, an apiculturist, or bee expert, with Oregon State University. (Bend Bulletin)


OSU video commercial featuring Dr. Ramesh Sagili