Current graduate students

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Mustafa Bozkus Contact person by email

Mustafa is investigating the efficacy and safety of Oxalic Acid vapors used by beekeepers for Varroa mite control. He is also examining the prevalence/intensity of European Foulbrood (EFB) disease and factors contributing to EFB during blueberry pollination.

Master of Science, Horticulture
Emily Carlson Contact person by email

How pesticide exposure differs between honey bees and native bees with varying landscape context.

Ph.D., Horticulture
Elissa Chapkin Contact person by email

Master of Science, Horticulture
Max Simon Contact person by email

Max’s research focuses on developing a pollen nutritional composition database for improving bee nutrition. This effort involves collection of pollen from more than 100 flowering plant species and analysis of macro and micronutrients in those pollens.

Master of Science, Horticulture , Graduate Certification in College and University Teaching