Student Resources

Are you a current or prospective undergraduate or graduate interested in learning more about bees? Oregon State University offers different paths for students interested in learning the biology and behavior of honey bees and the basics of beekeeping. 

Entomology Minor

You are encourage to pick a major that interests you, and in addition, minor in Entomology. The minor will expose you to the fundamentals of insect science and insect ecology. Make sure to take the course ENT 322 HONEY BEE BIOLOGY AND BEEKEEPING (3). For more information about studying bees at Oregon state, contact Anne Gearhart, the Entomology program advisor.

Undergraduate Research 

If you are an undergraduate interested in research opportunities with the Honey Bee Lab, contact Ramesh Sagili.

The Office of Undergraduate Research sponsors the URSA-ENGAGE Program, (formerly called the URISC-START program) and provides freshman, sophomore, and transfer student researchers (in their first year at OSU) under faculty guidance with stipends of up $1,500 for winter and spring terms. Student applications are due December 9, 2022 and notification of awards will be sent in late January. Awardees are expected to engage with their projects for an average of 5 hours a week for the 15-week duration of the project (mid-winter 2023 to the end of spring 2023).

Graduate Study

If you are interested in graduate study and research in the Honey Bee Lab, contact the lab leader, Ramesh Sagili, assistant professor, to learn more about opportunities for study.

You can also learn how to apply to the Department of Horticulture